The Daily Mail Online Feature of the Social Butterfly Program by CollinsFitness

CollinsFitness was featured in The Daily Mail Online for my new Social Butterfly Program.  It was a great article written by Deborah Cicurel.  I trained Debbie for a period of three weeks in the busy social build up to Christmas.  This was the perfect time to try out the new Social Butterfly Program as it is aimed at busy, city dwelling professionals with hectic schedules and social lives.  

Time was limited I only had 21 days to help Debbie transform her body in order to look svelt for her family holiday to South Africa.   Her goal was to get a bikini body in three weeks.  

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One of Debbie's favourite exercises was boxing, where she got to punish the bags at the gym and master her right hook technique.

From the first week to week three Debbie made good progress in learning how to push press using her core control. Something she has struggled with at the beginning but was able to do easily by the third week.  This is a fundamental exercises I train all clients to achieve.  Important for shoulder stability and whole body balance.  

Training Debbie under such a short time frame had it's challenges.  The overall result's gave her the motivation to continue on with her goals and aspirations.  I would always recommend 6 to 8 weeks on the program to really see significant results.

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