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Collins Fitness utilises cutting edge, personal training techniques to help clients from all walks of life achieve their individual, physical aspirations.

Based in an exclusive, private studio in the heart of the City of London, Collins Fitness has helped a wide range of clients successfully achieve their desired goals. Individual client programmes have included everything from body transformation training with professional actors, sports specific training with competitive athletes, to general strength and pilates training.

Adrian Collins, Founder of Collins Fitness, achieved a BSc Hons in Sport and Exercise Science from Northampton University. Upon completing his degree Adrian qualified as a Personal Trainer in Australia under the Australian Institute of Fitness, before bringing his training back home to the UK.

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Social Butterfly

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This season Collins Fitness introduces the brilliant new 'Social Butterfly Program' with personal trainer, Adrian Collins. It's the perfect regime for city dwelling, party loving people with busy social schedules.

It's completely personalised to your goals, focusing on your individual needs. Whether it's a desired body type, re-alignment or shaping up for a specific event. From honing the perfect beach body to getting into that Little-Black-Dress before the Xmas party, it's tailor made to make you look fantastic and stay motivated.

Take part in a series of customised exercises over six to eight weeks. We’ll help you feel great and lose weight with your very own signature program. The studio is based in East London but CF can also come to train you at work, home or in the park.

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The following signature training programmes are just a few examples of what Collins Fitness has to offer. 

   Online Training

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, the online training program ensures that you achieve your goals through individual coaching and guidance, keeping you up to date with the best programs to suit you.

Online training is tailor made for those with busy professional lives, specifically those who travel a lot or live outside of the central London area.

After an online consultation, establishing your diet, lifestyle and goals, we then put together a personalised, bespoke program specifically for you. This service offers ongoing contact and support, working closely and adjusting your set training and nutrition goals each month and guiding you through your fitness program.

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Collins Fitness studio is in the heart of Shoreditch at The Vault Gym. We are also available to train you at your chosen location.

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