Kick Start 2017 Ibiza Body Weight HIIT Guide

From the Sunny rooftop of the idyllic Hotel Es Vive Ibiza CollinsFitness shows a quick start body weight HIIT guide to getting your body match ready for the year ahead.  

Ibiza Body Weight HIIT Exercise Guide

The following four body weight exercises are structured around balance, coordination, core strength and explosive power.  Key building blocks to prepare your body for an optimal path to your 2017 summer body.

Build up the sets to achieve a great 15 minute plus HIIT session.  Run through the exercises from A to D set 1 should take around 3 - 4 minutes.  Try to keep rest time to 20/30 seconds maximum at the end of each set.  Progress to the next sets if you can.   Add this to your morning routine HIIT, combine it with your current exercise routine or if you're a beginner try and build it into a weekly schedule and see if you can progress through the sets each week.   

With all exercise sessions make sure you adequately warm up and cool down.  Click here to see my video with ES Online on my optimal warm up guide.


A)  Single Leg Dead Lift   tip:  trying to create a perfect T shape, lengthen through the tip of your head reach opposite standing leg away through the heel.  Maintain length in spine throughout movement avoiding excess flexion (rounding spine). Breath, exhale on returning to standing position.  Raise returning leg with knee as this helps to avoid hyper extending the lumber spine when coming back to upright standing position. 

set 1 x 10 reps / set 2 x 12 reps / set 3 x 15 reps / set 4 x 20 reps

B)  Reverse Lunge Step  tip: step back enough to open hip length, staying strong on your standing heel aiming to feel your glute activate on your front leg as you push through that heel to raise back up to standing position.  Switch legs once you have finished the rep count. 

set 1 x 10 reps / set 2 x 12 reps / set 3 x 18 reps / set 4 x 20 reps

C)  Core Plank Single Arm hand raises (Renegade Row)    tip: lean forward in push up position with your hands shoulder width apart and under arm pits. think length in your spine and tip of your head as you maintain this posture. If you feel compaction in your wrists try bringing more weight into your feet.  Keep you hips aligned with your torso avoiding hyper extension in your lower back  (tail bone down braising abdominals, bum down!) breath exhaling on each hand raise control to chest and control back to floor slowly.  Avoid movement in hip no swinging! 

set 1 x 12 reps / set 2 x 18 reps / set 3 x 20 reps / set 4 x 24 reps

D)  Jump Squats   tip: a soft landing is key! try not to make a noise, breath by exhaling as you push through your heels to explode into the jump.  Keep feet wide in squat.  Feel the glutes!

set 1 x 10 reps / set 2 x 12 reps / set 3 x 15 reps / set 4 x 20 reps

HIIT High Intensity Interval Training sessions are a great way to fit in exercises and workouts to a busy schedule.  Remember to build gradually to the intensity and technique is always key to staying injury free.  Get in touch with me for more information or help in your fitness journey